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Dear Colleagues,


Today the Council is launching a single helpline number for citizens to contact the council and other partnership agencies with needs arising from the current coronavirus situation. 


The helpline number will be operated during normal business hours  and is 0546 605524.  Queries that will be addressed include Financial, Business, Health, Education, Registration and Social & Homecare Needs. Individuals can also use the helpline to volunteer.  For more information please see - https://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/news/2020/mar/coronavirus-caring-people-helpline


To supplement the phone number there are also webforms allowing individuals to volunteer and to log their Social and Homecare needs 24/7.


I’d be grateful if you would kindly use your wider networks to promote this newly launched number and the webform.


Fiona at the surgery says that prescriptions can be collected from Riverbank Surgery Kilmun at the surgery from 8.30 to 1pm.

Now please allow 72 hours for your order .


Weekly update from Community Council

General information
Age Scotland have a helpline for our elderly to contact. Please share to that anyone who might need it has this information
The telephone number is a free phone number 08001244222 & they are open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

From Tuesday25th March, Argyll and Bute Council will be collecting green bins only.
The council advises householders: "Please continue to put out your green bins but leave your recycling at home."
The council also says it is closing civic amenity sites, such as Rothesay Dump and Bogleha' in Dunoon 'so we can prioritise operating our landfill sites'.
Argyll and Bute Council useful service status website: https://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/service-disruptions this is a really useful link where information regarding roads, bins ferry, schools and other council services can be found

Car park, Camping Area and Village WC
As per Argyll and Bute advice the local WC has been closed until further notice
The carpark and camping area should be closed as of Thursday 26 March this should stop camping and the abuse of the carpark by non residents of the community area, the FC has stated that they will not be going around checking this is working so this part will largely be down to us self policing the issue, if you do see anyone camping please let me know and I will feed back through to the FC and see what further action can be taken.
A further option could be the self-production of signs that could be put out around the village that state the beach area is closed to non-residents, or something similar, the whole village could buy into this and put out there own signs or we could get a few able volunteers with the right skill set and equipment to do this and produce a number of A4 signs on pickets placed at various points throughout the village.
We will monitor what happens over the weekend to see how effective the closure of the carpark the FC put in place works and can decide on this tactic early next week
Caravan Park
In line with recent advice on coronavirus (COVID-19) announced by the First Minister, campsites, caravan and holiday parks in Scotland are to close immediately to new arrivals, including tourers, other transient visitors and holiday lets.
Sites should also advise current visitors and owners of second homes on sites to return home and stay at home, where they can do so safely and practically.

Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing said:
“As the Scottish Government has made abundantly clear, this is not the time for holidays, travel, or for being away from home. Additional visitors, particularly to rural areas and our islands, will put a severe strain on local resources and the NHS, which is not set up to cover the need of non-residents long term.  

“All those who can safely do so should now return to their primary residence. However, I also understand that in some cases residential mobile homes, motorhomes, campervans and holiday lets on a caravan park or tourist site may be someone’s primary home, and that some people will be unable to return to where they usually live.

“Sites should be sympathetic to the circumstances of these individuals, and should, where necessary, remain open on a partial basis for these occupants only.

I have spoken to Alan the caravan park owner he has stated that as per the government guidelines the campsite is currently closed and they are not taking any bookings, there are however a few people who do live in the park and as per the guidelines noted above he does have a duty of care to ensure these caravans do get the required level of service and support.

Anyone who owns private let property in the area should be observing similar rules, unfortunately I am not in contact with any holiday let owners to speak with and get their views we can in these instances only rely on owners doing the right thing and not take any bookings during this time.



Please read this carefully.

We write as your local GPs to ask for your URGENT help and understanding and we need to be blunt. 
Covid19 is now here in Cowal and could spread rapidly. You MUST follow the government’s advice - it is not scaremongering and is the bare minimum we need to do. You can be carrying the virus and not know it. Do not change your behaviour to avoid being infected assume you are infected and change your behaviour to avoid transmitting. If we all do this, less people will die.
The main symptoms are a temperature and/or a new cough. For most it will be like a head cold (runny nose, sore throat, cough, no sense of taste) or mild flu (fever, cough, aches and pains, lethargy, diarrhoea, mild shortness of breath and cough). If you have these then:
 - Go to the NHS Inform website if you want information where you can self diagnose and get an off work certificate. This site also tells you about self isolation rules. You can also get general information on 0800 028 2816. Do not call your GP for a sick note
 - Only if your symptoms are worsening , you have worsening breathlessness or your fever hasn’t gone after 7 days call NHS24 on 111. 
 - If they cannot answer all your questions they will say call your GP. We NEED you to follow this process, as we don’t have time to speak to everyone with mild symptoms. If you have been through the website and your symptoms later worsen then do call 111 or us.  Some may have chest tightness or struggling to breathe – these are the patients we need to call 111 or the surgery. If you feel it is an emergency dial 999
We have had to make changes to our practice access to protect you and us. We have all stopped you being able to walk into the practice at random; we know this is annoying but we need to reduce spread of the coronavirus. There are also medication delays, please do not over order or hoard medicines and allow more time for your repeat medicines. We will assess you if you have another urgent problem but we need to speak to you on the phone first to organise a safe time and way to see you. Please be patient with our staff.
We will always do our best for you and these are not normal times so you can help us by following this advice.
Drs Aquilina, Briscoe, Chant, Coull, Hallum, Macbeth, MacGregor, McGonagle, Saleem, Tittmar, von Kaehne


Neil Robinson, Convener of Ardentinny Community Council has been in discussion with Stuart Chalmers of FLS regarding the concerns of parking and camping at Shepherds Point during the Covid-19 outbreak. 

The result of these discussions is in an email from Stuart. 



As discussed on the phone yesterday. Forestry and Land Scotland is closing all our car parks temporarily as part of the COVID 19 response.



In terms of Ardentinny, Steve Gillen, will be closing the car park today and Argyll  and Bute Council have supported in terms of equipment to close the site.


Once this closure is in place all our staff will be working from home, other than a select few who are supporting the timber industry. We will be able to monitor emails and phone calls. We will have no patrols in place to check car parks. If there are any issues, we would be grateful therefore to get feedback from the Community Council.


Best wishes,



  • Public conveniences in Ardentinny

A question has been raised regarding the current standing of the WC’s within the Ardentinny area, these conveniences are used by both key workers and members of the public and some residents were questioning if these should in fact be closed.
After consultation with the main Argyll and Bute council office the WC will presently remain open, there is a contracted cleaner in place and the WC’s are looked at by local residents on a regular basis and are in excellent shape.
The main advice is for people to wash there hands and clearly a space needs to be maintained for residents and key workers to do this. 

With this in mind the community council has opted to stay in line with the main council office and leave the WC open, clearly this could change at short notice dependent on governments advice.

Ardentinny Beach Camping area.

A lot of people are worried about the number of camper vans that were clearly visible over the weekend at the beach and did raise there concerns with myself and other members of the council, given the lack of notice and enforcement currently in place there is not much the community council can do themselves however today the CC sent a strongly worded email to forestry Scotland which can be seen below:
“This weekend Ardentinny has been inundated with camper vehicles at the beach site.  Given the Coronavirus emergency and the fact that we are making every effort to comply with government rules concerning group gatherings, we find this unacceptable.  Many residents in the village are in the vulnerable group and are self-isolating. We would be grateful if you could take steps to close the beach camping site as soon as possible in accordance with government advice.”
Forestry and Land Scotland’s response was as follows:
Thanks for your emails about the campervans at Ardentinny. As you will appreciate amid the COVID 19 response, public advice from the Scottish Government will continue to change.
Forestry and Land Scotland's policy is that there should be no overnight stays on our sites. https://forestryandland.gov.scot/visit/activities/camping?highlight=overnight
 We were however going to trial campervans on 10 sites across Scotland, including Ardentinny. However, on Friday we made the decision to suspend the campervan trial to be consistent with Scottish Government messages on minimising travel.
Over the next few days we will be putting signage up at Ardentinny Beach Car park to remind people there are to be no overnight stays.
We were reviewing the toilet provision at Ardentinny today and we are planning to close the toilets.
We continue to review our car parks but the decision was made we will continue to provide outdoor recreation and parking across Forestry and Land Scotland sites, including Ardentinny.
It is worth you looking at for the latest information in our response to Covid 19. We are taking a consistent approach across the country.

Hearing Aid Batteries
If you require hearing aid batteries which are normally collected from the local hospital please do not just go down and ask for them at the hospital reception.
Please give them a ring first they will take your details and post the batteries directly to you, anyone simply turning up will be turned away.
Anyone in isolation
Can any one who is currently in isolation please let me know that you are self-isolating this information will become invaluable as the virus starts to spread out to our area, all I require is a quick email or text giving your name house number or name and either a yes self-isolating due to age or a yes for self-isolating for medical reasons


Ardentinny Community Council emergency
Action Plan and General Advice
As you are no doubt aware the coronavirus outbreak will affect everyone at some point within the village, the current advice as per the NHS Scotland website https://www.nhsinform.scot/ is as follows:
If you've developed a continuous cough or fever/high temperature in the last 7 days, stay at home for 7 days from the day your symptoms started.
If your symptoms are severe and you experience breathlessness or the condition it worsens.
Then phone your GP or if your GP is closed NHS 24 (111)

If you must stay at home for 7- or 14-day period you shouldn’t go to work, school or public areas.

Please note the information noted above is changing on a daily basis and therefore everyone should pay close attention to the news and were possible look on  https://www.nhsinform.scot/coronavirus
The village emergency plan
The village have a list of volunteers within the community these volunteers are there to help some of them are themselves self-isolating however the contact listed delivered contains details of what each volunteer can do.

If you are self-isolating or are within an at-risk group then please make contact with both the coordinator and any of the volunteers on the list below and provide them with your details.

What to do if you are self-isolating or in an at-risk category
The very first step which everyone should be considering now is setting up a buddy system with your closest neighbours, make a point of speaking on a daily basis either by phone or over the fence, this may not be possible in some areas but in a lot of areas where there are houses close together this will also ensure no one is left on their own.

Secondly, if you are isolating contact myself the coordinator to ensure I know you are in isolation for whatever reason, likewise if you do come out of isolation please let me know so I can up date the village list.

Everyone in the village should keep the coordinator updated regarding coming in and out of isolation.

Finally if you are in isolation for any reason after letting the coordinator know have a read through the contacts list that will be hand delivered to each household in the Ardentinny area, we are a small community it is unlikely there is no one on the list you know, simply find someone you are comfortable speaking with and make direct contact.

If there is no one on the list you know then please ring me the coordinator my contact details are at the very top of this list.

What can the volunteers do?
The volunteers can do quite a lot, they should contact those at risk daily this may be just a phone call, a chat or a visit but ensure we all remain fit and well and have enough supplies to last however long the virus remains.

Some of the volunteers can collect shopping some will assist with gardening, IT issues Just ask

Please use the group and do not think you are putting anyone out we are all in this together so even if its just a chat please use the numbers below and give someone a call

Please remember anyone who is either in an at-risk group or self-isolating should contact the coordinator so that the villages current standing with regards the virus can be managed.

Please do not publish these contact details on social media everyone will receive a hard copy through their door containing contact details.


Information from Riverbank Surgery re Coronavirus

Dear All,


Attached is a letter from Dr Tittmar written today the 20th March with information on the coronavirus from our local doctor's surgery. 

For more information there is also a link the NHS24 website NHS inform - Scottish health information you can trust . 

The procedures for putting your prescription in at Riverbank Surgery Kilmun are as follows. 

If the surgery is shut post through the letter box

If open post your prescription in the box just in the inside door. 

When you collect your prescription wait within the inside door and a member of staff will bring your prescription to you.

The staff are not permitted to speak directly to you but will use the intercom system.

Hope this is helpful and please pass on to others who need the information too.



Ardentinny Community Council






There now is an email address which can be used for two-way contact between residents and the Community Council.


This will not only allow the village to make easy contact with the CC but will also allow those who join our mailing list quick access to news of what is going on (this may be particularly relevent re the fish farm planning application).


If you would like to be kept up to date with the activities of the Community Council please emailardentinnycc@gmail.com and ask to be included in the mailing list.


If you would like to be removed from the list at any time, please email and let us know.



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