Request from Dawn Fresh 

The Dawn Fresh Fish Farm group have offered to put on a Visit to Dawnfresh’s trout farm at Loch Etive so they can see a trout farm in operation and what they are proposing for Ardentinny.

They have spaces for up to 4 people and will arrange transport once a date can be arranged.


Anyone wanting to take up the offer of a visit should contact the Community Council via ardentinnycc@gmail.com.





Ardentinny Community Council Survey Regarding the Dawn Fresh Fish Farm Proposal


The Community Council recently undertook a door to door survey of the village in respect of the Dawn Fresh Fish Farm proposals.


This survey consisted of one simple question are you for, against or neither of these regarding the project.


Every person eligible to vote and resided within the community council area was asked to vote


The outcome of the survey gives the Community Council the direction within which most of the village want to drive the dawn fresh fish farm project.


The survey itself was not associated with the AFF The Clyde or any other groups associated with this project.


The results for the survey can be seen below:


Total people eligible to vote in the Ardentinny CC area is 152 as at 16th May 2019


Total votes counted via door to door survey is 137 only 14 houses within the village had no one in at the time of the survey, some of these were holiday lets and some people just away at the time of the survey, every house where no one was in was visited a minimum of 2 times, these houses and votes were not counted in any way.


This equates to a 90.13% response rate from the whole village


Votes For – 17 or 12.41%


Votes Against – 101 or 73.72%


Neither for or against – 19 or 13.87%


Given the results noted above it is clear that the majority of the Community (73.72%) do not want the project to go ahead, The Community Council will now formally work with the AFF the Clyde Group and come up with an action plan to fight the proposal.

The first action will be to write strong letter of opposition To SEPA regarding the Dawn Fresh CAR Licence application

It is hoped that others including the AFF the Clyde group will also write letters opposing this, the letter will be displayed on the notice board, website and formally sent out to everyone on the mailing list as an update



There now is an email address which can be used for two-way contact between residents and the Community Council.


If you would like to be kept up to date with the activities of the Community Council please email ardentinnycc@gmail.com and ask to be included in the mailing list.


If you would like to be removed from the list at any time, please email and let us know.


The community council will be completing a simple door to door survey over the next few days regarding the Dawn Fresh Fish Farm Project, the survey will give the Community Council the direction within which the majority of the village want to drive the dawn fresh fish farm project, this has nothing to do with the AFF or any other groups associated with this project, a simple yes no or neither is all that is required no personal data will be recorded all details will be published and mentioned at the next CC meeting.

One vote per person residing in the household over the age of 16 will be allowed, only people living permanently in the area will be allowed to vote.

Your help in completing the survey will be greatly appreciated 

Official update from Dawnfresh to Ardentinny Community Council.

I just wanted to give you a quick update on the ongoing work with regards the proposed trout farm. We have not yet received the screening and scoping response from Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park though I am expecting this through within the next fortnight. We are continuing to gather information on the proposed location and once we have the screening and scoping response it will give us an indication of ...the areas to put additional focus on when preparing the Environmental Impact Assessment.

The SEPA CAR Licence application which was submitted in December 2018 for the proposed site has reached the advertising stage and will be advertised in Fridays edition of the Dunoon Observer, the Edinburgh Gazette and on the SEPA website. The CAR licence process is completely separate to the planning process and its function is to decide whether the location, in this case Loch Long, has the carrying capacity for a trout farm of the size proposed based on current flow, bathymetry, seabed grabs and video survey and computer modelling of the worst case scenarios in the context of existing discharges into the loch. Sea lice treatments are regulated by SEPA under CAR and the consented quantities of medicines will be dependent on the carrying capacity of the loch.

The consultation period will be open for 28 days and is open to the public to comment.

I will be in touch once I have received the screening and scoping response but should you require any further information in the meantime please just let me know.

Best regards


Peter MacDougall

Environmental Manager



Dawnfresh fish farm proposal

As you are aware Dawn Fresh Fish Farming group are proposing to site a rainbow trout fish farm within the village boundaries. An initial planning application regarding environmental screening has been sent in to the national park for consideration. Details of this can be seen in other posts.

With this in mind, a group has been set up via individuals within the community who directly oppose the planned project. While the community council have to remain neutral till an official vote has taken place as per our objectives set out in the constitution please note the following information regarding the group.

The AFF - Against Fish Farming Group Has been set up with the specific intent to oppose the proposed siting of a Rainbow Trout Fish Farm off Ardentinny, The group currently led via Elaine Allan has already delivered a number of questionnaires throughout the village to gather data. This data, once collected will be published on the various web pages and notice boards and may well act as a pre-curser event for the community council to call an early official vote for the village giving the CC a firm direction to follow. 

Residents of the village that have not yet returned the questionnaire or had it collected can return it directly to 6 Ardenfield or Finart Cottage or Crow Wood.  

The group has also set up online petitions which are detailed below.

You may also wish to sign one of the petitions currently available locally as well as the online petition at https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/against-fish-farming-aff-the-firth-of-clyde?just_launched=true

Against Fish Farming (AFF) the Firth of Clyde

Caged farming on land or water is innately cruel and severely damaging to our environment and the natural habitat of other species. Overcrowding leads to stress, disease and high mortality. Chemicals ineffectively used to treat disease and parasites such as sea lice, (which also transfer to wild fish populations) along with the large amounts of waste material (faeces) pollute the waters, destroy the seabed and biodiversity, wash up along the shore lines and beaches and give rise to health...


Facebook: just enter 'AFF - Against Fish Farming’ in the search bar to find us and more information.

Please note as already stated presently the community council must remain neutral on this matter and do not back any individual groups either for or against the proposal. It is up to individuals to vote one way or another, I would ask though that if you do receive questionnaires either for or against you do fill them in and return them so an accurate picture of the villages feelings towards this project can be gathered.


Neil Robinson


Ardentinny  Community Council



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