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Ardentinny Community Council

April 2019





Present;               Neil Robinson, Bill Tierney, Alistair McLundie, Jim Robinson, Rob Bray, Marian Norris.

Others;                 Bob Darracott, (NP) Eileen Connell, Jeannie Urquart, Jim Urquart,  Elsbeth Brint, John Brint, David McDowall,  Vicky Fairley, Jann Garratt, Dougie Menzies,  Lynn Kerr, Dennis Gower, Bill Williamson.

Apologies;           PC Donald McKay, Aidan Doherty, Councillor Yvonne McNeilly, Councillor Alan Reid.


Neil began by informing all that the meeting will be recorded for the minutes. Any others recording the meeting should request the permission of those present.


Declaration of Interest                   None


Police Report

Since the last meeting there have been 7 incidents.

From these incidents there was 1 crime report - Theft of a parcel delivered to the Old Manse.


On the 1st April (Today) Police Scotland's latest doorstep crime initiative commences - "Shout Out Scammers" (SOS). There will be posters and leaflets in circulation with information as to how to deal with such occurences. I will get a poster for the noticeboard.


Rural Watch continues to grow and is now regularly used to circulate local policing related information. With our two recent success stories we continue to seek further eyes and ears within our rural communities and I continue to stress to those who have not signed up to do so


We are now into the lambing season and I must remind everyone that walking dogs in fields with sheep, with or without lambs constitutes an offence and will be dealt with robustly. Our Livestock Worrying Campaign is well under way as we continue to work with local farmers, the NFU and Argyll and Bute Council to prevent any attacks. The Nursery field will shortly be in use which we will be monitoring along with the farmer and the Forestry Commission following previous issues here.


Finally - A bright weekend saw a number of persons camped at Shepherds Point, monitored by weekend patrols. Further information on this years Ironworks plan will be available in the coming weeks.



Minute of last meeting                   No amendments

Proposed             Bill Tierney                         Seconded            Rob Bray


Matters Arising from minute                        None


Treasurers report

Expenditure                                                     £522.04

Income (A&B Toilet)                       £315.00

Balance                                                             £1975.73

There are still 2 outstanding payments to come from A&B Council


Correspondence Report

All correspondence received has been passed on to CC members. Relevant correspondence will be brought up at the meeting,

Forestry Commission       No report


National Park Report

Bob Darracott introduced himself as the new National Park for this area. He gave an outline of his background and role in the NP. He has been elected as Vice Chair of the Planning in NP.

He informed of issues which had been discussed at a recent meeting of the NP. e.g budgets,

The NP will be involved in a future consultation on road conditions and upgrades.

As yet there has been no planning application in regard to the fish farm proposal.

Rob Bray asked if there was any progress in the Planning Scotland Act. As yet this has not completed its way through Parliament.

Bob reported that there will be a public meeting on Saturday the 4th May in Lochgoilhead between 4pm till 8pm looking at the Clyde Regional Marine Plan.


Councillors Report

The Council’s Budget for 2019/20 was difficult because of cuts in the grant from the Scottish Government. The Council decided to increase the Council Tax by the maximum allowed by the Scottish Government, 4.79%. The winter maintenance budget – gritting, snow clearing, an emergency addition to it every year, the Council decided to add an extra half million pounds to the annual budget. This should be enough, in all but the worst winters, to cope without Roads having to ask for additional funds in the middle of the winter.

There is a 3% increase in charges for most Council services, but not car parking charges which have been frozen at last year’s level.

The Budget also includes £13,000 for an overlay on the C9 road outside Ardenfield.


Actual Reality                    No report


Dawnfresh Proposal and update

Neil read out all correspondence between CC and Dawnfresh.

It outlined that the meeting on 11th March was well attended with lots of pertinent and informed questions put to the representatives.    It was stressed that this was an initial meeting and that, should the proposal go ahead, there will be further meetings at which time the residents will be able to vote. An email from Peter McDowall state that there have been no significant changes since the meeting and Dawnfresh has committed to keep the CC informed. Neil gave the opportunity that, if anyone wished to be personally informed then they can leave their name and contact details at the end of the meeting.  

Dawnfresh have said that, if anyone wants to visit their other fish farms please get in touch with Neil or contact them direct.  

Lynn Kerr informed that she had been in touch with several Community Councils with her concerns of having a fish farm at the 2 proposed sights etc and the effect it will have on wildlife. Neil replied that, at present there has been no official vote and the meeting on the 11th March was not an official consultation. The Community Council must remain impartial. At the moment there are people both for and against the proposal the project.

The summary as to the stance of the CC is,

They have no active stance for or against the proposal

No official vote has taken place

There is no objection to any groups forming to either object or agree to the proposal as long as they stay within the confines of law and data protection

The initial email from Lynn came across as if it was from Ardentinny CC.  Although this may not have been the intention, there has to be great care taken in sharing information due to the Data Protection guidelines.

Marian informed that the proposal should be raised at the next Caucus meeting which is the forum for all the CC’s in the area.

Rob suggested that perhaps the CC should be proactive and get the consultation arranged sooner rather than later so that. It was agreed that the CC would discuss how that can be organised if it is appropriate.

An email was received from Elaine Allan with several queries most of which have been covered previously. She asked if the CC could form a working party campaign group to ensure that this proposal is stopped.  As the CC are unable to be involved in this but Neil offered to pass on her email for like minded people to contact her.

Bill Williamson asked why there was no counter opinion to the Dawnfresh presentation. It was explained the reasons for this.


Emergency Action Plan

Still some work to be done on this with more recent personnel being added. Alistair has been in touch with A&B who has directed him to appropriate websites. Any changes made have to be mindful of the GDPR regulations.

He has managed to get more emergency equipment which will be added to the existing pack.


Future Meetings

No meetings planned as yet but with the Dawnfresh proposal being live there may well be.


Caucus Meetings

  • An emergency meeting was held on the 8th of March due to the serious concerns about Cowal Community Hospital, Cowal Hospice and the communication between the authority and the community. These concerns were express by the 8 Community Councils who attended the meeting and it was agreed that a letter should be sent out to all relative bodies.  Marian will put the research done over the past while looking at how the services have deteriorated on the notice board.  She will bring the issue of the fish farm up at the next Caucus meeting on Friday 6th April.

Website                              Nothing to report.

Community Action Plan

  • Rob has identified areas that still need some work but overall a lot of the objectives have been met. He feels that the new development of Place Plans should be considered whenever it is rolled out.

Renewables Trust

  • The notice board has now been paid for and is just about ready for use. Money has come in from Ross’s scheme and there should be another tranche due from Co-Hydrover. There will be an A.G.M held in May. Applications are invited for projects.

Ardentinny Hall

  • The Cuil Burn Hydro-Electricity company with whom we are arranging a contract at present will install 2 caravans at the back of the hall car park for two months, while they complete their work. 

Ardentinny Conservation & Heritage

  • A beach clean organised for Saturday April 13th and hopefully there are lots of volunteers. The Shore Sweepers will also help with this. Once access to the Laird’s Grave is open it too will receive a tidy up, Coronation Wood needs a bit of work and would like to do this once the bluebells have flowered.
  • The Nature Trail and Bird Hide still needs work.
  • We held a £1 sale to raise money for more leaflets
  • More info put on the website from Fred Mann with his memories of living and working in the village.


  • The new notice board is now in place with designated areas for groups who want the space.
  • The old board is being given to the Walled Garden.


Next meeting 1st July 2019