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Ardentinny Community Council

Proposed Fish Farm Report

On 11th March a meeting was held to discuss the proposal from Dawnfresh to buils a fish farm south of Ardentinny. 

The report from the Convener of Ardentinny Community Council is as follows.


An initial meeting in ardentinny village hall was held on the 11 March 2019 regarding the proposed fish farm, the turnout for the meeting was excellent, the meeting raised some excellent concerns the village had covering a wide range of topics regarding the fish farm and possible issues.

it should be noted that this was a very early meeting regarding the project as it is in its early stages and the emphasis was more to do with scoping out the concerns that the village have so a worthwhile exercise for them.


The following statistics where taken from the meeting


Total numbers attending was 67 of which 11 were from outside the village area

Total supporting the project 6 all from the village

Total against the project at present 53 (8 from outside the village so 45 from the village)

Total undecided 8 (3 from outside the village)

Further reports will be posted here as and when they occur.